Do you find your dog….

  • Pulling on the leash?
  • Jumping on guests?
  • Bolting out the door?
  • Only listening when they feel like it?
  • Barking excessively?
  • Eating food off the counter?
  • Still not house trained?
  • Aggressive towards other dogs or people?

…If you answered yes to any of those, we can help!

Listen, we know you love your dog. We know your dog is a great dog…but, we also know that you want your dog to behave better!
You can have peace in your home.
You can have a relaxed walk in the neighborhood with your dog.
You can walk out to your car to get the last bag of groceries and not have to worry about your dog bolting down the street.
You can have guests over and not have to crate your dogs or put them in another room so that they don’t bother your friends.
You can have confidence while playing with your dog off-leash.

This is all possible, and more, with some guidance from our trainers! We come along aside you to help you Take the Lead with your dog!

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