Does your dog...

  • Pull on the leash?
  • Jump on guests?
  • Bolt out the door?
  • Only listening when they feel like it?
  • Bark excessively?
  • Eat food off the counter?
  • Still not house trained?
  • Aggressive towards other dogs or people?

…If you answered yes to any of those, we can help!

Welcome to Take the Lead Dog Training.

Proudly service the greater Seattle area with top quality training for dogs and coaching for their humans.
Schedule your free consultation phone call with me today to talk about the training options that will work the best for your dog!

– Cheryl Ross

Training Gatsby and Rosie

The dogs couldn’t be around each other due to Gatsby attacking Rosie.

JoJo the Boxer

Jojo would jump up on people, and play the “catch me game” when her owner said it was time to go home from the park.

Stewie's Transformation Story

His case is one of a very insecure and entitled little dog who thought he could own his world and control everything in it.


My Dog  Showed Aggression At Doggy Daycare

Christine Hawkins

We Bought A Mastiff Puppy And Wanted To Train Him Right Away

Michael Moore

I Needed My Dog To Listen Well So That He Could Travel With Me.

Chesere Daniels


Obedience – Basics and Off Leash Programs

*Offered as 1-on-1 Private Lessons or Board and Train – Group class access included with off leash program

These programs are designed to teach you and your dog the basic obedience commands (Heel, Sit, Down, Stay, Come and Place) and to build a solid relationship foundation. You will learn how to work with your dog and navigate real life distractions and situations as well.
We will meet one-on-one to build a foundation of communication with your dog and gain control, and once your dog has progressed through the private sessions, we will transition you to group classes to fine tune the training.

Basic Obedience Program: 5 One-on-one Lessons covering – Heel, Sit, Down, Stay, Come and Place
Off Leash Program: 9 lessons covering – Heel, Sit, Down, Stay, Come and Place with the off leash transition using E-collar training.


Aggressive Dog Rehabilitation

*Offered as 1-on-1 sessions or Board and Train

This program is designed to rehabilitate dogs that are struggling with re-activity and/or aggressive behaviors.
– Dog to dog aggression
– Aggression towards humans
– Fear based aggression
– Resource guarding
– Prey drive / Reactivity / Hyperactivity

While we do teach your dog some obedience commands, this program is designed to focus solely on your dog’s behavior and mindset. working towards creating a calm and relaxed dog who is capable of making good choices and adapting to different environments.
Obedience can be helpful in aiding behavior change, but we want to make sure that when your dog is NOT in a command that they are able to make good choices on their own.
The level of success you acheive depends on your dog’s personality and your willingness to incorporate the techniques you are taught and the homework you are given into your daily routine.
Our goal is to help you get your dog to a manageable and relaxed state of mind so that they can enjoy life with you!

Board and Train Program: 3-6 Weeks long, depending on the dogs needs. *Group class access also included.
Sometimes it is more beneficial to remove the dog from the home environment to immerse them in training. This allows the dog to reset and work on their mindset, help their ability to relate and communicate with people, and handle navigating real life environments and situation. This program also gives you, the owner, a jump start on training so that when your dog comes back home you have a foundation of training already laid which makes it easier for you to continue building on it with further coaching from your trainer.

One on One Program: Typically 5-15 One on One Lessons, depending on the dogs needs. *Group class access also included.
Sometimes it can be more beneficial to keep the dog in their current home environment, depending on what their needs are, and work on the pack dynamics at home (humans and other animals). For example, if this dog has just been adopted in the last few months, it’s best not to add any more transitions in its life. This program is designed to keep you, the owner, more involved in the whole training process. Your trainer will teach and coach you on how to work with your dog to progress through the training. You will be given homework to take home and implement at each lesson. Once a foundation of communication and training has been laid, and your trainer sees that your dog is ready, we will then do some “out and about” lessons at local parks and pet stores to work with your dog in more challenging locations.

Aggression Rehab