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Welcome to Take The Lead

During this Covid-19 pandemic, Take the Lead Dog Training has been approved to continue operating in King county while adhering to social distancing protocols. This means all of our group classes are currently suspended until further notice. We currently offering Virtual Training lessons, as well as Individual private lessons (while following safe social distancing protocols), and Board & Train programs. Schedule your Evaluation/Mini Lesson with us today to learn about the training programs that will work the best for you and your dog! We look forward to safely serving you in this time.

It’s simple

Pick a Date

Attending our Introduction to Canine behavior course is the first step in your journey to better communication.

Tell Us About You/Your Dog

We want to get to know you and your dog. What You love about them and where things could use a little help.

Personalized for Fido

No two dogs are exactly the same and each of our programs are customized to fit your dogs needs.

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Your Training Journey Starts Here

  • Pull on the leash?
  • Jump on guests?
  • Bolt out the door?
  • Only listening when they feel like it?
  • Bark excessively?
  • Eat food off the counter?
  • Still not house trained?
  • Aggressive towards other dogs or people?

We can help you reach your goals and achieve long lasting results.


Puppy Class

We cover key topics that prepare you and your dog for vet visits, grooming, proper play, and more. This class sets your puppy up for success in it’s prime time of development. You get to see your puppy build skills and confidence.


Teach you and your dog the basic obedience commands and to build a solid relationship foundation. You will learn how to work with your dog and navigate real life distractions and situations as well.


focusing solely on your dog’s behavior and mindset and work towards creating a calm and relaxed dog who is capable of making good choices and adapting to different environments.

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