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Bridging the communication gap between humans and their canines


Take the Lead Dog Training teaches owners how to effectively use their relationship to effect change in their dogs behavior while considering the nature of the dog.

Cheryl Ross

C.P.T - Founder


Cheryl had a strong love for dogs even as a child. In her teen years she enjoyed training and competing with her first dog in the sport of A.K.C. Agility with the Chuckanut Dog Training Association. That experience is what sparked her career as a professional dog trainer. She became a certified dog trainer after graduating the Master Trainer course at National K9 School for Dog Trainers, in Columbus, OH. 

Cheryl loves to learn all she can about these amazing animals, and how she can help dogs and owners to truly enjoy each other to the fullest! Cheryl believes that a great trainer is never done learning!



Level 1: Relationship Based Behavior Modification
Level 2: Trainer Instruction
Level 3: Human Psychology and Canine Medial
Level 4: Trainers Course

Mango Dogs

2 Week Shadow Program

Dream Come True K9

Real World Obedience

National K9

Master Trainer

Pack to Basics

Large Group Socialization


Member – Since 2011

New Ventures West

Graduate of the Professional Coaching Course, 2020
Certified Professional Coach “Integral Life Coaching” 

Kaytlyn Tate

C.P.T - Lead Trainer


Kaytlyn has always had a huge passion for training and working with dogs and people alike. She knew from a young age joining 4-H with her Doberman mix that she wanted to follow her passion as far as she could. This led her to go to the Michael Ellis School for Dog Trainers in Santa Rosa California. There she was certified in, Obedience, management, proper use of an e-collar and behavior modification. 

Today she has a Belgian Malinois, named Silas, which she competes in agility and lure coursing with as well as a hope to move onto nose work. 
Some of Kaytlyn’s favorite things to coach people on are, puppy raising, getting a really reliable recall and how to become a great leader in your home.


The Michael Ellis School for Dog Trainers

Behavior Modification
Obedience Intensive
Proper Use of the E-Collar


Level 1: Relationship Based Behavior Modification



Dream Come True K9

Real World Obedience

Jason Tate

Office Assistant

Meet Jason! From the time he was little he has always been welcomed home by a warm nose and a tail wag. “Dogs have always been a part of our home.” He says.

In 2009 he met Kaytlyn, they fell in love and have created a home together which has continued to be full of warm noses and muddy floors. He has really enjoyed learning all about canine behavior, and enjoys being able to put that knowledge to use while helping direct Take the Lead clients who are calling or emailing in about their dogs behavior and what they are struggling with. He is dedicated to providing top notch customer service and getting you set up for an awesome training journey!

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