Hours of operation

Currently the options for one on one lessons are Tuesday-Friday, where the earliest time-frame for a lesson to start is 11am, and the latest time we can start a lesson is 5:30pm. Each lesson is about an hour long.

We are not open on weekends. *With the exception of group class twice a month.

Training Locations

We do not currently offer in home training. All training happens at our facility in Maple Valley

In-Home Training

We do not currently offer in home training. All training happens at our facility in Maple Valley.

Getting Started

How do I schedule an evaluation?

Check out our video that explains the two options for how to begin working with us here.

How soon can we start?

Once you register for your training program, you will get access to the digital calendar to reserve your lesson times. That is where you will be able to see what is currently available/how long you may have to wait to get started. Depending on how full our schedule is, there may be options to start within a couple weeks, or there may be a wait for up to a couple of months. We would love to be able to help everyone as soon as they sign up, but there are only so many hours in a day, and we may not be able to accommodate that. We can offer you some tips to get started before your in person training begins. See our Facebook community group for that. (The Facebook group is for registered clients only)

Can we start in a group class instead of private lessons?

Group class access is only for clients who have already had a one on one training program. This class is for continued support after your one on one lessons, and to take your dog’s obedience and behavior to the next level. Group class typically meets 2 times a month on Saturday mornings.

I signed up for my program but what can I do right now?

Join our Facebook Community group. This group is for REGISTERED CLIENTS ONLY. Once you are approved into that group you will find resources to begin working on homework.

How much do the training programs cost?

At the end of your free evaluation phone call you will receive an email with a quote for your training program options. Our prices vary depending on many factors (the individual dog’s needs, training goals, etc.).

While we do have varying prices, the average price range is typically from $1,000-4,000.


Should my dog be on behavior modifying medication? Ex: Prozac, Trazodone etc.

If your dog is already on a medication, we can talk about a training game plan, and speak with your vet about weaning your dog off the medication safely.

I was told I should put my dog down, Is there any hope for my dog?

Yes, more than likely there is hope! It is extremely rare that a dog truly needs to be euthanized due to their behavior. Dogs are predators, and we are asking them to live in a human society where there are many things that stress them out and that don’t make sense. This is usually where the unwanted behavior starts…the dog is only trying to communicate in the best way it knows how, or it has learned that it can use their mouth to get their way.

The hard part of this process is being able to commit to the time, finances and effort that goes into the rehabilitation process. But if you are willing to put the work in, your dog has hope! Sometimes the turn around can happen fairly quickly, and other times it takes up to a year or more to come out successfully on the other side (depending on the severity of the case). There have been countless times that we have helped dogs who have been through multiple trainers with different approaches, and veterinarians who have not been able to “fix” the behavior, only to tell their owner to put the dog down. While we cannot guarantee a “fix”…THERE IS HOPE!

My dog might need to be RE-HOMED or EUTHANIZED

Typically we are quite booked up for training. However, if your dog is in danger of being euthanized due to it’s behavior, you may email us separately, in addition to filling out the intake form when booking your phone call, to tell us what’s going on and what your timeline is.

There is no guarantee that we will be able to fit you in sooner, but if there is an opening, your case will take first priority.

If your dog is in danger of being re-homed due to it’s behavior, you may use the above mentioned protocol and we will do what we can to fit you in as soon as possible.gs.

Does my dog have to wear a muzzle?

If your dog struggles with reactivity or aggression on any level, your dog will likely have to wear a muzzle for a portion of the training program. It is a temporary training tool that is used to ensure everyone’s safety, including your dog. Our goal is to help rehabilitate your dog without them having the experience of actually biting a person or a dog. The muzzle will help prevent that from happening in the case that your dog might try.

We typically use Baskerville Basket muzzles in training, which allows your dog the freedom to pant, drink water, eat food, and in general use it’s mouth normally, while still being protected. Rather than using a “mesh” type muzzle which keeps the dogs mouth completely closed.