JoJo the Boxer

Jojo is your typical happy go lucky, SUPER social dog! She just LOVES everyone…almost to a fault! Her owner came to us wanting help with obedience and manners.


Jojo would jump up on people, and play the “catch me game” when her owner said it was time to go home from the park. She also had  S.H.S.…or Selective Hearing Syndrome 😉

Jojo was a good girl, but she would sometimes choose to do things her own way. So we taught jojo how to respond to obedience commands and she learned how to come back when called, even while off leash!

She is much more polite when she greets strangers, and how her owner can enjoy her even more! Jojo is now a happy go lucky, obedient dog that gets to go more places and have more fun because she is trustworthy with her behavior. We loved working with Jojo and her owner!


Training tools used with Jojo.

Food: for shaping obedience commands
E-collar: for Off-leash communication
Prong collar: for leash manners. Check our her hashtag on our social media (Facebook and Instagram) #TrainingJojoTheBoxer