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Evaluation / Mini Lession

Obedience and Reactivity

Social Dogs: Dogs/puppies that are friendly and social to other dogs and humans and do not pose a threat to their well-being. These dogs may struggle with “rude” behaviors like jumping on guests, pulling on leash, not listening well, have potty training issues, etc.

Reactive Dogs: A dog that reacts to someone/thing in the environment (another dog, a human, a squirrel, etc.). The dog may display one or more of these behaviors: barking, raised hackles (hair up on the back of their neck), excessive whining, staring intensely, pulling/straining on the leash to get towards the object they are reacting to. Or in fearful cases, pulling away from the object while barking or growling.

Aggression Rehab

Aggressive Dogs: Intent to do harm or damage. Aggressive dogs may or may not display “reactive” behaviors. Some of them are the silent stalkers that are quiet and will wait for their moment to attack. Others are loud and boisterous and make a big display.

Any dogs that are aggressive to humans or multiple dogs fighting in the same home and dogs that have done serious damage to either other dogs or humans.