Bridging the communication gap between humans and their canines

Not Your Typical Puppy Class

Age Range: 12 weeks to 5 months
Up to date
Class Size:
4-6 Puppies
Access to Group Class: No
Start Dates: Contact us
This class does not cover obedience commands.

This 6 Week Group Class is not your typical puppy class. We don’t focus on “sit” and “high five”, we dive in deep into canine body language and behavior, personality types, proper socialization to humans, dogs, sounds, objects and environments. We cover key topics that prepare you and your dog for vet visits, grooming, proper play, and more.

This class sets your puppy up for success in it’s prime time of development. You get to see your puppy build skills and confidence throughout these 6 weeks, and you learn how to properly read and assess the body language between dogs so that you can facilitate safe play times with puppy friends. 

FREE BONUS! All participants receive a bonus of $100 towards either the Basic Obedience or the Off Leash Obedience Program if you enroll during the 6 week puppy group class. 


Age Range: 5 months +
Basic Obedience: 5 Lessons
Off-Leash Obedience: 8 Lessons
Vaccines: Up to date
Lesson Size:
Access to Group Class: Yes

  • Heel
  • Sit
  • Down
  • Stay
  • Come
  • Place
  • Aggression

Obedience programs are designed to teach you and your dog the basic obedience commands and to build a solid relationship foundation. You will learn how to work with your dog and navigate real life distractions and situations as well.

We will meet one-on-one to build a foundation of communication with your dog and gain control, and once your dog has progressed through the private sessions, we will transition you to group classes to fine tune the training.

Behavior Coaching

Age Range: 5 months +
Behavior Coaching: 5-15 Lessons
Off-Leash Obedience: 8 Lessons
Vaccines: Up to date
Lesson Size:
Access to Group Class: Yes

  • Aggression towards dogs
  • Aggression towards humans
  • Fear based aggression
  • Resource guarding
  • Prey drive / Reactivity
  • Hyperactivity

This program is designed to rehabilitate dogs that are struggling with reactivity and/or aggressive behaviors. Have you heard the phrase “go back to the basics of obedience and that will fix the aggression”, or “Just work on your obedience commands and that will solve it”? A dog that is highly trained in obedience can learn to hold a sit-stay while another dog walks by, but they may still WANT to go after that dog in their mind. So what would happen if you released your dog from command in that moment, or you weren’t there in the first place to put your dog in that sit-stay? Could your dog make the right choice not to react or attack?

Yes, obedience training is helpful, but it isn’t always the thing that “solves” the aggressive behavior. Sometimes there is more to it…a deeper level that needs to be reached by truly capturing your dogs mind to teach them to think and process through situations differently.

While we do teach your dog some obedience commands, this program is designed to focus solely on your dog’s behavior and mindset. working towards creating a calm and relaxed dog who is capable of making good choices and adapting to different environments.
Obedience can be helpful in aiding behavior change, but we want to make sure that when your dog is NOT in a command that they are able to make good choices on their own.

The level of success you achieve depends on your dog’s personality, your willingness to incorporate the tools and techniques you are taught, and the homework you are given into your daily routine.

Our goal is to help you get your dog to a manageable and relaxed state of mind so that they can enjoy life with you!