Here is how things were going for this family when Gatsby and Rosie’s owners contacted us. 

The dogs couldn’t be around each other due to Gatsby (6 month old Great Pyrenees) attacking Rosie (Mini Aussie). This couple had been sleeping in different rooms at night, for several weeks, to managing the dogs’ behavior (the dogs would bark all night if left alone). They had been told by other trainers and pet professionals that they had to rehome one of the dogs. Gatsby had bitten her veterinarian from fear (she came in to training with fear of strangers). Rosie was a ball of anxiety and would hide in the house just to feel safe. 

Learning to be together

We started off with one on one lessons to get the ball rolling on training. Working on some basic obedience skills and behavior modification. 

Then Gatsby joined our board and train program to help her work through her fear of strangers and her confidence issues. 

Towards the end of her 3 weeks of boarding, Rosie joined in the boarding program so that we could work on the relationship dynamic of both of them together. Because Rosie is highly anxious and energetic, Gatsby wanted to attack Rosie because she was uncomfortable with all that nervous energy around her. But with some direction they quickly learned to respect each other, and even learned to like each other and play together! 

A good nights sleep

Now their owners are able to sleep in the same bed together (yay!!) and take the dogs on road trips and have a great time! Gatsby is much more social with strangers now and there if far less stress in their house because they learned how to be calm and listen! 

Training tools used for these two: Food and treats for building confidence and shaping obedience commands. E-collar training for behavior modification and off leash control. Prong collars for leash training. 

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