Training Methods

Bridging the communication gap between humans and their canines

Our goal is to equip our clients with the tools that allow them to communicate with their dog in any situation.

Body Language

Our goal is to help you better understand your dog on a deeper level, by helping you understand the mindset of your canine, and teaching you to use the language that they naturally “speak”. Dogs do not “talk” to each other to communicate, they are 10 times more sensitive to body position, and physical presence, eyes, mouth position, body position and location, movement, etc.

“Verbal communication, from a dog, is a reinforcement indicating that they really mean what they signaled. It is to tell the receiver of the message, you either didn’t get what I was signaling, or I am going to reinforce my signal to see what your reaction is. Why then do we expect our dogs to understand our verbal language.” – Nelson Hodges, Canine Content

By learning to communicate with our dogs using physical communication/body language and clear intent, we are respecting the dog for the unique living being that it is, and we will be able to build a bond and relationship that is based on trust!

Training Collars

We implement the use of many types of training collars, depending on the individual dog and owner needs in training. Some of the options are: Martingale collar, Prong collar and Slip collar. We will properly size the collar to ensure a safe fit and effective use. We discuss very thoroughly the proper way to apply the collar in training to ensure proper use. We understand that any training tool that is used improperly (whether by ignorance or ill intent) can be harmful, and we have a high standard when it comes to educating our clients to ensure the proper use of any tool we equip them with.


Sometimes we use food as a reward for performing good behaviors, and it is also commonly used as a motivator for dogs who are dealing with fear issues and insecurities. We typically use the food that your dog is already eating for their regular meals. They learn to “earn their keep”, so instead of pouring their kibble into their bowl for dinner, they will perform tasks as you feed them by hand. Food is a higher motivator than treats, because it is a necessity for life. Treats are a “dessert”, and your dog may choose to ignore a treat for more exciting things like a squirrel, because they know they will get their dinner later in the day. We will teach you how to harness the power of food motivation to achieve the greatest results in training.
*Treats are also used on occasion if a higher value reward is needed for particular behavioral cases.

E-Collar / Remote Training Collar

There are so many benefits to this tool when it is used properly. We take these tools very seriously, and will teach you how to introduce it to your dog properly, with confidence and accuracy, so your dog will be excited to work with you. This special tool will help you deliver consistent and fair feedback and communication, as well as it gives each family member the same ability to handle the dog, when the dog may have been previously more stubborn with one member than another.

How It Works The e-collar can gradually increase in intensity by 1 digit increments, so you are able to fine tune the lowest level needed for your dog. When you tap the remote button, the collar delivers a ‘tingle’ or ‘pulse’ to the dog, similar to the feel of a tens unit which is used for muscle therapy for people. Contrary to popular belief it DOES NOT send an electric shock to your dog. They also have a ‘vibrate/pager’ feature, which feels like a cell phone vibrate, which can be used to call your dog back to you from far distances, or can be used to get the attention of deaf dogs.

Brands of E-collars that we use: We only work with E-collars that are built with quality and consistency in mind. We want to ensure that the features each collar offers will cater to the training needs of our clients.

E-Collar Technologies: These E-collars have all the bells and whistles! They are high quality, and can be customized to your needs.

An E-collar is included with the purchase of our off leash program, and often with behavioral programs as well. Please let us know if you are interested in receiving a demonstration of the remote collar.